ValueMatch Plus Personalized Sales Training Sales Skills Improvement Platform

ValueMatch Personalized Online Training

We have developed an innovative online training platform that includes 10 core modules, designed to assist sales managers to teach and reinforce sales skills on an individual basis. The 10 core modules include:

Selling Today Requires a Different Process

The focus of this session is to illustrate how the world has changed dramatically in the last 25 years.  We have gone from the yellow pages and land lines to cell phones and the internet.  Where once the customer looked to the sales person to be the knowledgeable authority to the customer being able to get instantly educated by doing all their research on multiple options with the help of a mouse and Google reviews.  The role of the sales person has had to change from telling and explaining to listening and advising. The difference between the top sales people has come down to who can control the process and conversation long enough to gain the trust of the customer, learn their real needs,  help them make the best  decision and encourage them to act. This requires a whole new attitude, a different knowledge set and new skills to listen in the face of adversity to be competitive and successful.

Introduction - Selling Today Requires a New Mindset

The focus of this session is to help sales people better understand their own and their customer’s motivations. Sales people can have a unique selling advantage by understanding that values are developed early in life and that they are based on how we were conditioned to feel or how we felt during or after life experiences. We now use these expected feelings as a way to compare and judge the value of other experiences.  Basically, we move towards and desire things that will make us feel the way we want to feel and visa versa.  The sales persons job is to discover these well hidden values and then help the customer find a solution that matches up with the desired feelings.

Introduction & Overview – Selling Today Requires a New Skill Set

The focus of this session is to highlight how the traditional sales process will fail in the new sales environment.  Today it is even more difficult for sales people to meet and exceed the customers expectations without mastering a whole new skill set.  The most important being the ability to listen in a whole new way for the customers underlying values and motivation, even under pressure from the customer to do the opposite.

Values Overview and How to Become a Values Differentiator

You will learn how we form values and how these values create a very personal perspective from which we all evaluate the opportunities and decisions we have to make on a daily basis. You will participate in a personal values discovery where you learn about your own well hidden values and core motivations and gain insights as to how your values may be helping you or holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

ValueMatch+ Listening Model

Learn and master the ValueMatch + Listening Model, by un-learning poor listening habits developed over many years and learning new listening skills that you will use to help you connect with others at a much deeper level than ever before.  This module will teach you what questions to ask and how to listen to the answers in a much more powerful way. You will learn how to use note taking to more effectively stay on the customers agenda and how to relate to your customers by using the same words they use to make a meaningful values connection.

Use The Value Drill, To Help The Customer Tell the Truth

You will learn how to use the ValueMatch+ Value Drill Inquiry Worksheet to put you in control the initial conversation, build a personal connection and learn the customers true urgency in less than five minutes. 

Overcoming Questions, Distractions and Interruptions designed to Derail the Sale

You will learn how to deftly address customer questions and statements that can take you off your game, disrupt the sales flow and give the customer the excuses they need to tune out of the sales process. You will learn that customer questions are almost always an attempt to discover negative information and reasons why they should opt out as opposed to opting in the process.  Learning to identify and handle “Zingers” is a skill that will serve you in every facet of your life and carrer.

Power Up Your Presentation and Demonstration

Armed with the values the customer has shared during your discovery, you will learn how to powerfully personalize your presentation by presenting your product in the “Ambient Light”, of the customers values and feelings.

Combining the Close in Your Presentation

learn to incorporate proven and effective closes in each step of your presentation to uncover objections early and often by using techniques that are natural and easy to use.  Learn to look for, ask for and appreciate the “NO’s” from the customer, understanding that every “NO”, gets you closer to a “YES”. Learn to recognize if the sales process is on track by using trial closes more frequently and approach the sale with an attitude of gratitude and a service mindset.

Help the Customer Answer Their Own Objections and Close More Effectively

Learn how to recognize objections as buying questions instead of roadblocks to the sale.  Learn how to listen your way through sales questions and challenges instead of falling into the talking trap and blowing the sale. learn to view objections as an opportunity to learn what values are holding them back and help the customer learn for themselves and share with you what is needed to make them comfortable with moving forward.

The VM+ system provides continuous real time feedback and sales performance improvement options that are personalized based on where the sales team member is at on their sales improvement journey. This approach provides our clients with a turn-key program that they can count on to improve overall sales performance and maximize occupancy.

ValueMatch+ Online Training is a comprehensive and highly personalized follow up sales training system that provides 10 core training sections online. Each online training core section discusses a specific area of the ValueMatch+ Sales Process and in addition to the core video training includes inspirational stories, practice exercises and value added resources like copies of the manual and power point slides.

Each representative can log into a section of their choosing and watch a 5 -15 minute video or audio of Will Nowell discussing how to apply the ValueMatch+ sales skills to the specific topic.

These sections can be personally selected, sent to the sales person by their manager or even automatically sent to the sales person based on their most recent mystery shop performance. After the session, there will be a multiple choice quiz that the representative will take to ensure that they stayed engaged and that they were taking notes throughout the online session. The representative must answer each question correctly in order to complete the session. If a question is answered incorrectly they must go back and answer the questions they missed correctly to move forward and complete the online session.


Value added Educational Monitoring and Support Media to help the Managers support specific areas of the ValueMatch+ Sales Solutions Include

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SoftSurve Automated Surveys and Reporting

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