About ValueMatch+

We are a full-service sales performance improvement solutions provider and marketing firm. For more than 25 years William Nowell and the team members have been helping companies in all facets of the Housing, Senior Living and Health Care Industries improve sales performance, raise occupancy and maximize marketing efficiency.

About Will Nowell

A talented author and speaker, Will Nowell has an appeal and energy that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation. Since 1990, he has traveled over a million miles across the United States delivering powerful life improvement messages, cultivating the energy of change and making a powerful push to improve the success of thousands of executives, sales managers and agents throughout all facets of the healthcare industry.

ValueMatch is about consistently matching the company’s core value proposition with the most important values of each unique customer. Interested in learning more? Watch these videos.


Selling real Value has never been more important.  Today’s customers are better informed than ever.  To be successful sales people need to take a different approach which includes listening more than talking and selling what’s important not just what’s easy.  

In this video you’ll learn about Will’s ValueMatch approach and why he is so passionate about the need for you to make improvements to your sales skills.  


According to Gallup researchers there are really only three sales a professional sales person needs to make.  These Value sales need to occur in the right order and conclude with the customer feeling like they are guiding the process.

In this video, Will shares his secret of how to successfully complete these important Value Sales even when the customer does not cooperate.


Once you hear this story you will never think about sales the same way. In this video, Will shares a personal story about the secret of why you want to focus on selling real value instead of stuff.

This story is illustrative of how real customers and even the people you care about make decisions. Once you learn these important principles you will be better prepared to help others clear up the confusion and get what they really want.

Our Comprehensive Services


With 23+ years experience we know that Mystery Shopping can be very instrumental in helping your company set and maintain excellent standards in customer service, sales presentation and follow up, employee morale, training effectiveness and in obtaining competitor information. A mystery shopper audit can provide a look at your community and employees from a different view point.

Our Mystery Shopping Program is the the leading customer service and sales assessment and reporting system for companies that desire timely, high quality and accurate information.

  • Telephone – Audio Recorded
  • In-Person – Audio or Video Recorded
  • Competitor
  • Web
  • Follow Up


At the heart of all of our services is the ValueMatch+ Selling System. ValueMatch+ impacts the company at a cultural level, providing a proven model that offers an effective sales approach with the needed skills and tactics to assure consistent implementation in a new and difficult environment where fear and facts can drive value out of the transaction if allowed. ValueMatch™ combines the sales focus with an emphasis on listening for the customer’s values and building real trust and loyalty in every interaction. During the presentations and sales training a nice blend of core instruction, real case examples, inspirational stories and audience participation is incorporated.

Base topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Values Orientation: A review of the role Values play in our personal and business lives and how focusing on selling value is the right approach.
  2. ValueMatch+ Listening: Review, practice and master the ValueMatch + Listening model. A review of the common practice of listening only one level deep and how to develop the attitude, skills and process to listen for, connect with and match core values and emotions.
  3. ValueMatch+ Sales Process: Apply the ValueMatch + Listening model to the four critical stages of the sales process including; Building a Relationship, Selling a Concept and Asking for the Sale.


We offer the leadership, experience and services that have proven helpful to find the solutions required to address your challenges and position your organization for immediate and long term success. We offer more than a list of comprehensive services. We ask the important questions and work together with leadership to share our knowledge to find the answers you need to difficult situations.

Determining “What’s Next” For Your Community

Ways we help you grow responsibly, expand your mission, and explore additional market opportunities: 

    • Strategic opportunities assessments
    • Market research and market studies
    • Consumer research
    • Strategic planning leadership
  • Master planning team support

Our purpose is to always provide a valuable experience for our customers with every opportunity we have to serve.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Establishing a service-minded attitude where our customers come first.
  • Taking time up front to build relationships based on shared values and trust
  • Ensure that clear and honest communications always take place.
  • Begin each project or assignment by establishing clear expectations.

We offer the services, Tools and Support to ensure that your team has the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to build customer intimacy with every contact. :

  1. Everyone on your team that is involved, understand and deliver services consistent with the values of your company.
  2. Everyone on your team that is involved, understand the expected performance standards as they relate to the companies promised customer experience.
  3. Everyone on your team that is involved, have the tools, skills and knowledge to meet and exceed the company’s promise and commitment
    to its customers.
  • Communication
  • Promises
  • Performance Standards
  • Outcomes
  • Follow Up

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What are others saying about ValueMatch+?

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, for listening and making suggestions, and for teaching us the method to succeed in our industry!

    I really enjoyed the value match training. Congratulations on discovered a method that enables others to soar high. I love the emphasis on listening, repeating and dealing with zingers, and painting the picture in the ambient light of the customer’s feeling. I especially found it helpful to learn about the powerful closing techniques you shared I am sure they will prove to be invaluable in the future!

    Your health story is amazing all the best

    Susan Labroad
  • “The ValueMatch Boot camp is a wonderful training experience. When our sales people return from Boot Camp they are energized and excited about trying out their new skills. We have working with Will and using ValueMatch for the last eight years and we attribute a big part of our success to the ValueMatch process which we require all sales people to learn and use with every sales opportunity.”

    Roxanne Meyer
    RoxAnne Meyers
    Senior VP Sales and Marketing - Immanuel Senior Living
  • “I have been working with Will Nowell and ValueMatch for more than 10 years. In all that time I have always been able to count on Will to deliver an excellent training experience where my sales people are challenged and motivated to improve their listening skills and sell real value.

    ValueMatch+ is not just a sales training, for us it is a key part of our companies sales and service culture. We believe in the ValueMatch system and we plan to keep it as a key component of our sales strategy for the future.”

    Nicollete Merino
    Nicollete Merino
    Regional Director of Sales and Marketing - Avamere Assisted Living
  • “During my 30 plus year career of senior management experience, Mr. Nowell is the best Results Oriented trainer with the best Metrically Driven system, I have ever seen.

    Will’s experience and enthusiasm for sales is contagious and the ValueMatch sales training has proven to be very successful for our company.”

    Thomas Harrison
    Thomas J. Harrison
    President - Discovery Management
  • “The ValueMatch training has proven tobe a fantastic opportunity for me and my sales team,. During the training we were able to really look inside and learn about our own values and understand what it is that we should be selling. Each team member has walked away with a new appreciation for selling real value and some pretty awesome skills to help them do it. This has been the best sales training I have ever participated in during my 20 plus years in sales. Thanks Will”

    Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall
    VP Sales and Marketing - Meritage Homes
  • It is with deep gratitude that I thank you for your “gift of self”, last week during your value match sales training program in Scottsdale Arizona.

    You are moving personal stories and reflections, along with your passionate approach to value-based communications has given me a new light in my life, both professionally and personally.

    I believe Albert Schweitzer said in best for me, “in everyone’s life at some time our inner fire goes out. It is then person to claim by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

    I, and I’m certain others, are thankful for you!

    With appreciation and abundant blessings.

    Dan Hearron