In-Person mystery shops

The best companies out there use mystery shopping as an effective research tool. By ascertaining the answers to real questions, they can make changes to key processes within the organization to address issues in customer service, sales presentation and follow up, training effectiveness and other important areas. They can also gain valuable insight into competitor practices. Your company could be benefiting from our in person mystery shopping services – today.

In-Person Shops provide the ideal solution to finding out how you perform in real time situations with actual clients or customers. All In-Person Shops are conducted by our professionally trained shoppers drawn from a pool of your actual customer base. These shops can be recorded or non-recorded with audio files and evaluations available online 24/7. Access to audio files and written evaluations can be granted to sales management as well as the sales person individually, giving them access to the information pertinent to them.

In-Person Mystery Shopping Details:

  • Shops are conducted by professionally trained shoppers
  • With thousands of shoppers available, we can customize shopping scenarios that fit your target market resulting in 100% believable interactions
  • In-Person Shops will yield real-time reviews for more effective employee training

At Peak Performance MS, we want to help you understand your customers better. Plus, giving your employees the tools they need to succeed in customer interactions can pay huge dividends.

Inspecting your admission counselors sales process interactions can be one of the best things you can do. By going through the mystery shopping experience, you will be able to reward, motivate and train your employees more effectively. Let’s face it, sometimes you can’t be there. Our trained shoppers can go in, assess what’s happening and report back on their observations.