Telephone mystery shops

Telephone Shops provide the perfect tool to evaluate all over-the-phone sales, customer service, and marketing efforts. It includes all the same benefits as the In-Person Mystery Shop with the added flexibility of over-the-phone performance evaluation. This option is also a very cost effective way to gain valuable insight to your company’s interaction with customers whether it be with sales people, customer service and reception staff or with any telephone interaction. These shops are also available recorded or non-recorded with audio files and evaluations available online 24/7. Access to audio files and written evaluations can be granted to sales management as well as the sales person individually giving them access to the information pertinent to them.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Details:

  • Cost Effective – up to 30% more affordable
  • Can be implemented in 2-3 days
  • Rate performance on 20 different indicators
  • Same Real-Time Review Potential as In-Person Shops
  • Added Flexibility

We want to provide you the analysis you need to make smart decisions. Engaging in a mystery shop can deliver new insights into key performance criteria.

You can also make use of our library of tested reporting forms to customize a mystery shop for your individual needs. For some companies, they want to analyze how their employees are walking prospects through the sales pitch. Others want to rate performance across all of their people to see who truly is making an impact. Whatever your needs, we can put together a telephone mystery shop for you that will address your goals and expectations.

Inspecting your daily store interactions can be one of the best things you can do. By going through the mystery shopping experience, you will be able to reward, motivate and train your employees more effectively. Let’s face it, sometimes you can’t be there. Our trained shoppers can go in, assess what’s happening and report back on their observations.