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Peak Performance MS was founded in 1992, Peak has a rich history of expertise in business research and data collection. Originally part of the ServiceTrac, suite of services, the marketing services division, was re-branded as Peak Performance MS in 2012.

In 1992, when Peak Performance MS was originally formed, it was the first mystery shopping service in Senior Housing and Long Term Care. Since then, Peak Performance MS has leveraged its expertise and experience to forge a position of leadership in the industry.

Peak Performance MS has over 28 years of experience delivering the insights providers need to achieve service and operational excellence. We have thousands of shoppers nationwide to serve you. Our expertise in the Housing, Senior Living and Health Care Industries is unmatched.

As Will Rogers used to say, “It’s not what you don’t know that is uncomfortable, it’s what you know that ain’t so...”

  • How well do your Sales Professionals execute your company sales system?
  • Where is the next opportunity to improve your sales?
  • How does your sales experience compare to the competition?
  • If sales skills are lacking, which skills need the most improvement?

Mystery shopping is an effective and cost efficient way marketing experts can answer these questions and measure specific sales skill levels and the customer experience real time. Mystery shopping can increase awareness of sales standards and reinforce positive practice and behaviors.

Our Mystery Shopping Situations Evaluate:

Establishing trust and confidence
Questioning Skills
Listening Skills
Demonstrating Empathy
Note Taking
Focusing Presentation on Value
Demonstrating Thorough Listening
Staying on the Value Path
Ability to redirect questions to allow for prioritization of values
Comfort level with asking for the sale
Overcoming Objections

Did the sales person make a connection with the strengths of your community and your needs and hopes.

Did the sales person connect with you and understand what you were hoping to feel or be able to do once you find the right situation?

Based on the caller’s conversation, what was the general feeling about this sales person’s ability to connect the caller’s needs to the community?


First Impression and Greeting

Establishing and understanding of basic situation and building rapport

Learning about emotional drivers and discovering situation (urgency)

Creating a shared feeling that the community can meet the shopper needs

Setting an appointment for the visit, overcoming objections and asking again

  • Expertly Designed Surveys
  • Industry-leading on-time completion rates of 99.2%
  • Leverage Industry Benchmarks
  • Well Trained Shoppers and certified auditors
  • Competitive Comparison

Measuring Standard Expectations & Its Benefits - Experience

Mystery Shopping your sales and customer service professionals will allow you to evaluate and measure sales skills, sales tactics, the effectiveness of your sales system and how your prospects feel about the sales and follow up process. Mystery Shopping provides feedback on both what occurred and how the process is received or in other words “How the customer sees and feels about the sales experience”.

Peak Performance MS utilizes the proprietary ValueMatch sales standards as a base and we have the ability to customize our shopping “experience” questions to match your company’s standards. The standard mystery shop usually includes opportunities for the shopper to evaluate their “experience” in the areas listed below segmented by typical sales situations and by the basic sales skills required to address the situation and lastly qualitative feedback from the shopper regarding how they perceived the experience or how they felt about the experience, connection.

Performance improvement is expedited when your company:

  • Establishes clear performance standards, that are proven successful
  • Your sales and customer service team are trained with the skills and confidence to execute the standards.
  • Actual performance is consistently measured against the standards.
  • Accurate quantitative and qualitative feedback is provided to the team in a format that is easily understood and actionable.
  • Performance standards correlate with desired outcomes i.e. is what we are training our folks to do understood, being done and working to increase sales.

Mystery Shopping Solutions for all of your needs...

mystery shops

In-Person Shops provide the ideal solution to finding out how you perform in real time situations with actual clients or customers. All In-Person Shops are conducted by our professionally trained shoppers drawn from a pool of your actual customer base. These shops can be recorded or non-recorded with audio files and evaluations available online 24/7. Access to audio files and written evaluations can be granted to sales management as well as the sales person individually, giving them access to the information pertinent to them.

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mystery shops

Telephone Shops provide the perfect tool to evaluate all over-the-phone sales, customer service, and marketing efforts. It includes all the same benefits as the In-Person Mystery Shop with the added flexibility of over-the-phone performance evaluation. This option is also a very cost effective way to gain valuable insight to your company’s interaction with customers whether it be with sales people, customer service and reception staff or with any telephone interaction. These shops are also available recorded or non-recorded with audio files and evaluations available online 24/7. Access to audio files and written evaluations can be granted to sales management as well as the sales person individually giving them access to the information pertinent to them.

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Online / Web
mystery shops

Optimize you online interactions with your customers, discover growth and training opportunities as well as fine tune your online marketing and sales efforts. Peak Performance MS will send inquiries into your website and provide contact information for our shoppers to see how long it takes your company to follow-up. We then compile the correspondence between our mystery shoppers and your representatives so that you can review all of the information gathered and determine what areas of the process can be improved upon.

mystery shops

Uncover competitive intelligence with our competitor mystery shop programs. Learn how you can improve your customer service strategy relative to your competitors. Benchmark your service standards against other companies in your industry. Our trained mystery shoppers will visit strategically selected competitor locations in your industry and pose as regular shoppers to evaluate their customer service experience. Shoppers use our expertly designed surveys to measure key characteristics of positive customer service experience in your industry such as selling techniques, product knowledge, product and merchandising techniques and site cleanliness.

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