It is time to make changes!

This a time when every company is dealing with new challenges and looking for opportunities to maintain and even grow occupancy.

The circumstances around Covid have caused us all to look at everything through a new perspective.  If we hope to succeed then we definitly need to make an effort to update our sales  processes and revitalize our sales systems, sales skills. Let’s face it.  It is a different world and we need to recognize that we need to do things differently.

That’s where we can help. We offer sales leadership.  We have been providing proven sales training and the proactive sales support you need to tune up your existing system or install a new sales culture from the ground up.

Comprehensive Services:

  • Start with revamping your sales process
  • Make sure your team has the skills to maximize opportunities
  • Be accountable by measuring everything

Position yourself for future sales success?

We offer a three part system to


William Nowell and the ValueMatch sales and marketing team has the experience to be your trusted performance improvement partner. We are passionate about the senior living industry and are here to offer high level strategic advice and ongoing sales and marketing support designed to maximize sales and improve the value of your customer experience and your company.

Whether you are a large multi-unit senior living operation or a new start up, you want to ensure that your marketing and sales operation is well organized, efficient and ready to scale. We can help you by providing an overall evaluation of your sales systems, sales processes from and to, sales skills and overall competitiveness. We are nimble and have 25 years of senior living experience, tools and resources to evaluate your people, test your systems, gather critical information, analyze the results and provide a concise, and accurate report within your time table and budget.

Following the Process Evaluation and Report, we work with you to identify opportunities to improve and streamline your model, ensuring every aspect of your sales and marketing operation is scalable and operating at maximum efficiency including:

Verifying your mission and vision are still relevant
Writing a new marketing and sales plan
Implementing the new sales system and reporting standards
Providing sales management and sales training
Providing customized systems documentation
Providing initial leadership coaching

As things progress and changes occur we will continue to provide ongoing advice, coaching, support and training.  As your performance improvement partner, all of your team members will have an all access passes to all of our resources including our New Live Learning Center.

Marketing Strategy, Systems Evaluation and Training


  • Mystery Shopping
  • Phone Shops
  • In-Person Shops
  • Web shops


  • Kickback Surveys
  • Referral Surveys
  • Lost Lead Calls
  • Website Audit


  • ValueMatch Sales Skills
  • Value Max Sales Management