Energize Your Team

What ever the circumstance, Will knows how to connect with your audience

This is a time when team members are looking for new ideas and inspiration!
Are you asking some of these questions?

  • Can I adapt?
  • What will be demanded of me going forward?
  • Am I up for the task?

When team members are wondering about their future and feeling uneasy as to weather or not they have what it will take to be successful, they are also less productive.  Fear, in any form can be a roadblock to the most important attribute of successful companies…communication!

That’s where Will can help. Will has the experience and background to speak to others with empathy and understanding and he has the positive attitude and energy it takes to lift and motivate others from where they are to where they need to be.

Will offers a unique combination of someone who has himself overcome significant obstacles in his business and personal life and at the same time been able to successfully build a business, raise a great family.  Will has the ability to offer the leadership, training, proven systems and support you need to energize your companies sales and customer service culture from the ground up.

Speaking and Training Options:

ValueMatch Sales Skills
Values and Listening
Setting Goals and Becoming a More Valuable Person

Is Your Team Positioned For Personal Success?

Wills approach to everything revolves around three main principles


William Nowell has the experience to be your trusted performance improvement partner. Will is passionate about the senior living industry and can offer high level strategic advice and ongoing sales and marketing support designed to maximize sales and improve the value of your customer experience and your company.

Will has always had a desire to lift and encourage those around him who are struggling with their self image, struggling with personal set backs  or having doubts about their ability to accomplish great things.  Will himself is someone who put himself through college, worked in the corporate world, started a family and later a successful small business.  Will learned to overcome many challenges including economic downturns and poor business decisions and still build an excellent reputation.  With all of that, Will faced one of his greatest challenges when he suffered a broken neck and was completely paralyzed just weeks after completing his first book in 2007 .

Much of Will’s antidotes and inspirational messages come from his experiences as he battled back and slowly recovered control of his body and life, even in the face of discouragement and uncertainty. Today, Will freely shares his inspirational message about how his family, friends and faith helped him maintain a positive, grateful attitude to complete his journey back to complete health.

Will loves to share his personally tested ideas about the many ways each one of us can work to build a positive can do, attitude,  including:

Learn how you can identify your core values
Learn how to replace fear based values with Service
Learn how to listen for values in all conversations
Learn how to focus your thoughts on gratitude
Learn how to shape your future with your values

As things progress and changes occur we will continue to provide ongoing advice, coaching, support and training. As your performance improvement partner, all of your team members will have an all access passes to all of our resources including our New Live Learning Center.

Will Can Tailor a Special Program For Your Next Event

Customize Your Experience

Work Shops on a variety of topics
Key Note speeches focused on Motivation

leadershipConference talks on industry trends