With ValueMatch, Everyone Wins

William Nowell
William Nowell

The ValueMatch sales skills training is unlike any training you may have experience. ValueMatch is all about learning to listen in a different way. Valuematch trains you to be more aware of what is happening around you and teaches you to listen for the underlying feelings, emotions and values that drive all of us to behave and act the way we do.

Quite often, customers come into a sales environment with their guard up and they are usually unwilling to share what is really on their mind in terms of what is driving them to act. Customers have learned not to trust sales people and in today’s world, customers almost always know much more about the competition and other options than the sales person.

ValueMatch sales skills training prepares sales people with the attitude, confidence and unique skills to be able to listen to the customer and help them get into a position of trust so that the sales conversation can be real and honest.

Armed with the real information and needs, the sales person is in a much better position to help the customer make the right choice which leads to higher customer satisfaction and more referrals. With Valuematch, everyone wins.