Change Is Inevitable, Learn To Deal With It!

I like most of you have had my share of changes and challenges. Some have been relatively minor and some have rocked my whole world. About ten years ago I found myself completely paralyzed after hitting a sandbar while surfing in California. Since then I have had the opportunity to learn how to do everything differently. Fortunately, I was able to completely recover, but not before I learned some important lessons about dealing with change.

Feedback is a good breakfast

Feedback : The Breakfast of Champions

Feedback Is The Breakfast of Champions?  All the great coaches and players agree…. nothing can replace the benefit of high quality, real time feedback and coaching.   But let’s face it, we have all been the recipient of a well intentioned piece of ” Constructive Criticism” that felt like a hard right hook! Whether from…

The Dangers of Discounting

Discounts and incentives are one of the Senior living industries most expensive and damaging sales tools. Before you continue your current policies you might want to consider these questions? A sales executive with a national Senior Living company recently shared with me that the company’s sales people did not have the sales skills or confidence to differentiate their…