Happy Sales people


I am an Optimist. I believe it helps to, look on the bright side, hope for the best, and to have hope that things will always get better. I believe that your “Attitude determines your Altitude”. I believe in the power of smiling. Smiling does not cost a penny, it always makes me feel better and generally lifts the energy and confidence of those around me. I also believe that when you are smiling, no one knows what you are thinking. Ha-ha!

How To Recover The Lost The Art of Listening?

I have been working with and providing sales training in the senior living space for many years. I have discovered that the number one issue holding professional back from progressing and adapting new information is an inability to listen. On the flip side, those who are better listeners are also far more successful in learning and applying new ideas and skills in personal lives and enjoy more success in their careers. Here are some ideas that may help you clear away the top three listening roadblocks and improve your listening and learning.

Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire & Be A Sales “Super Hero”   Create more Meaningful Relationships, Increased Happiness and Abundant Success as you Love, Serve & Aspire to Inspire others.. Customers need to be Inspired.  We all want less process and more Connection, less education and more Motivation, less advice and suggestions and more Service & Inspiration. BE PRESENT. …